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Multiple Best In Show All-Breeds CCA BOS to BB 1995, CCA Awards of Merit 1996, 1998, 2000

9/2/1992 ~ 12/15/2004

Phyllis was a breeder's dream - successful Collie National, Best in Show and Westminster winner and a contributor in the whelping box. She loved her puppies, raised them without intervention, and returned to her beauty pageant glory effortlessly after weaning them. Each of her three litters contained individuals that continue to contribute here and for other breeders. From her first by Ch. Barksdale Shenstone Edition, Ch. Barksdale Evening Shade became the dam of 1996 CCA WD, Ch. Twin City The Great Divide, ROM/ROMP, who in turn sired CCA BV 2001 Ch. Countryview Tonites Th' Night, who sired the legendary Ch. Rosebank Lochlaren KeepitaSecret. Descending from Ch. Barksdale Star Catcher through Argent Barksdale Total Control is the record-holding GCh. Sylvan Argent Simply Irresistible. Ch. Barksdale Bellvue's Medallion, in her litter by all time top sire Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman, ROM/ROMP would produce one of our all-time favorites and Westminster winner Ch. Barksdale The Mistress (Anice). Anice's daughter Barksdale Lochlaren Dulcinea became the dam of 5 champions, including the national #1 Collie, Ch. Lochlaren Kings Valley Fire Within. In her final litter sired by her grandson, Ch. Barksdale Murphy of McLean (Medallion/Busybody son), Ch. Barksdale Conewago Kashmir would become the dam of Ch. Conewago Natural Mystic.

Breeding programs which have successful descendants from Phyllis include Twin City, Countryview, Sealore, BluRidge, Merrill, Sylvan/Argent and Lochlaren.

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Ch. Hi Vu The Blue Devil
  Ch. Hi Vu The Enchantor
  Hi Vu Bedazzle
  Tartanside Preview, ROM/ROMP
  Ch. Tartanside Th' Critics Choice, ROM/ROMP
  Tartanside Inspiration
  Ch. Tartanside Fringe Benefit
Ch. Barksdale Blush, ROM/ROMP
Ch. Napier's Black Tie Affair
  Ch. Napier's Dangerous Liaison
  Ch. Napier's Bejeweled
  Ch. Barksdale Breathless
Ch. Tartanside Th' Critics Choice, ROM/ROMP
  Barksdale Glenrevian Blackglama
  Ch. Napier's Exuberant Affair

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Champion Offspring of Ch. Barksdale Blush, ROM
Con Title Name Coat Color Sex Sire Whelped Finished
Ch Barksdale Evening Shade R T B Barksdale Shenstone Edition 5/23/1994 10/12/1996
Ch Barksdale On 'Er Guard R T B Barksdale Shenstone Edition 5/23/1994 7/5/1997
Ch Barksdale Star Catcher R S B Barksdale Shenstone Edition 5/23/1994 1/11/1999
Ch Barksdale Bellvue's Medallion R S D Fantasy's Bronze Talisman 2/6/1997 12/6/1997
Ch Barksdale Brandish R S D Fantasy's Bronze Talisman 2/6/1997 4/14/1998
Ch Barksdale Embellish R S B Fantasy's Bronze Talisman 2/6/1997 5/25/1998
Ch Barksdale Burnish R S D Fantasy's Bronze Talisman 2/6/1997 7/3/1999
Ch Barksdale Champagne Attitude R S D Fantasy's Bronze Talisman 2/6/1997 12/15/2000

Barksdale Brookwood Fortune R T B Barksdale Shenstone Edition 5/23/1994
Ch Barksdale Conewago Kashmir R T B Barksdale Murphy of McLean 6/29/1999 6/26/2004

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