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GCh. Barksdale Burning Daylight  

Number 1 Collie Bitch 2012 Hawkins System

Jilly is a member of Marsha's first litter by Anthony. From their very early days, they seemed special. The four sables promised competitive success - Ch. Barksdale Rendezvous Bay went to New Jersey with Candy Wisnieski, Carl went to Oregon with Barbara Cleek and Jilly and brother Matty would stay home. They were successful at their very first shows winning sweepstakes and majors from the bred by class at barely 7 months. After completing their titles quickly in the toughest East Coast competition, it would be Jilly who would continue to further achievements. Campaigned at mostly specialties in 2012, she finished the year as #1 Bitch Hawkins system winning ten of the largest specialties to earn her points.
At home Jilly delights with her imaginative personality, "talking" for treats and as a devoted mother to her puppies. In 2012 she whelped a frozen semen litter by Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman, ROM/ROMP, and her youngsters GCh. Barksdale Grady Merrill, GCh. Barksdale Afterlife, and Barksdale Afterburn are now immersed in their own succesful careers.

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Ch. Southland's Confederate Gray
  Ch. Southland's Bowen Island, ROM/ROMP
  Ch. Southland's Glorious Rebelle
  Ch. Barksdale Lochlaren Liaison, ROM/ROMP
  Ch. Twin City Secret Ambition, ROM/ROMP
  Barksdale Body Double
  Ch. Barksdale Shenstone Sympatico
GCh. Barksdale Burning Daylight
Ch. Twin City Secret Ambition, ROM/ROMP
  Ch. Barksdale Beneficiary, ROM/ROMP
  Ch. Barksdale Shenstone Sympatico
  Ch. Marnus Living Daylights
Ch. Marnus Gold Sovereign
  Ch. Marnus Happy Go Lucky, ROM
  Marnus Happy Days

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Champion Offspring of GCh. Barksdale Burning Daylight
Con Title Name Coat Color Sex Sire Whelped Finished
GCh Barksdale Grady Merrill R S D Fantasy's Bronze Talisman 8/10/2012 11/21/2014
GCh Barksdale Afterlife R S B Fantasy's Bronze Talisman 8/10/2012 11/21/2015

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