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Ch. Riverrun Galatean Another Think Coming  

Puppy Flyer - Finished with 3 specialty majors and a Best of Variety over top specials

Like her great grandmother Marsha, Kendal was wrestled from her breeeder's arms at Sunnybank. We were honored and flattered that the ladies of Galatean and Riverrun chose Marky as the sire of their great producer, Ch. Riverrun Lion's Pride's litter. Whelped in May, the litter wasa great age to evaluate in August. She was an immediate favorite and after three days of studying the litter and negotiations, she was tucked safely in her crate with New York in the rear view mirror. We are eternally grateful to the Marys for sharing her with us!
She won her first major at the Chesapeake Collie Club under Judy Bryant, followed with another at Piedmont Collie Club under Heidi Mendez and finished at the Jacksonville specialty under Pam Durazzano after topping the breed the day before under Nan Bodine. She and her coat retired for the year after a third finalist in the prestigious Kem Memorial Sweepstakes under Mike Esch and two five-point Select awards at the Indiana specialties. We have exciting ambitions for her at the shows and in the whelping box.

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Ch. Riverrun Galatean Another Think Coming
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